The Noy Difference

Welcome to Noy, a holistic skin care & wellness studio led by a talented team of experienced practitioners. Noy is defined as a state of beauty and grace. Its meaning embodies our philosophy to beauty, health and wellness.

The inspiration of Noy evolved from our personal experiences. We believe the face is a mirror that reflects any imbalances in the body. Once we analyze ouresearch paper topics technology paperwriters.orgr clients’ skin, we can identify the root of their concerns – not just symptoms – and treat the underlying condition. research paper topics 2018 The Noy Difference is our holistic approach to skin care,

we combine it with the time tested natural therapies of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. Together, we are dedicated to our shared vision of focusing on the whole person and making a commitment to their personal goals.

At Noy, we emphasize the importance of education to promote success. Our clients will receive only the best guidance in caring for their skin internally as well as externally, carrying it out into the world with them beautifully and gracefully.


Noy Skincare + Laser Founder

Danna understands more than just skin. Before becoming a licensed Esthetician, she was once a client with severe acne. During regular treatments, she remembers feeling that there was a “lack of empathy, sensitivity and a personable approach”. Despite those experiences, she was always searching for better and more productive solutions to her skin condition. She looked within and determined, “My condition, my obsession”. Her struggle with acne was her inspiration to study the science of skin, and make it her “life”. Danna has over 10 years of experience in the skincare field. Her personal knowledge of the physical and emotional insecurities skin conditions can produce constantly motivate her to help and treat others. To Danna, skincare is “my passion and my craft, and each day I am working on perfecting that”.