About Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine is an ancient and exact medicine, which offers the entire world the potential to treat and ease suffering with the most basic understanding of the connection between the human body and nature. The Chinese believed that everything comes and manifests from a vital force they called Qi. This vital force runs through our entire body in meridian pathways. We cannot see or measure it, but yet it exists. We cannot see the wind, but we know it exists because it moves the leaves.

With a minimal amount of tools, namely acupuncture needles, herbs, moxabustion, tui na and qhi gong, the ancient Chinese created a medicine that was born, according to texts between 2,000 and 5,000 years ago. We, the practitioners of this medicine, have many ways by which to diagnose, and the diagnosis is based on which element in our body is out of balance. Through an insertion of hair thin needles, acupuncture stimulates specific points on the skin, which correlate to internal organs and bodily function. It is used to reduce pain, remedy acute and chronic conditions, strengthen the immune system and reduce stress and tensions. In addition acupuncture uncovers the underlying root cause of what might have created the problem in the first place.

About Elana

Elana has a Masters degree in Acupuncture and Health Sciences from New York College of Health Professions. She is a diplomat of Acupuncture recognized by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture. After graduation, Elana opened up her own private practice where she has been successfully treating patients for over 10 years.

Elana believes that beauty can be achieved at any age. When you feel good you look good, and when you look good you feel good about yourself. This can be achieved through the integration of a unique blend of western techniques and eastern acupuncture and herbal medicine. These two disciplines work in concert, to achieve the maximum results in slowing down the natural process of aging. The goal is to promote natural beauty and wellness of the body and spirit.

Under Masters Mary Elizabeth Wakefield and Dr. Ping Zhang, world-renowned in the field of cosmetic acupuncture, Elana immersed herself in a rigorous course of study developing her expertise in facial acupuncture and facial rejuvenation.