If you are reading this you are already half way to become a smoke-free and healthier! More than 25 diseases are associated with nicotine use, including cancer of the lungs, colon, throat, uterus, bladder and cervix. Smoking also increases the chance of developing obstructed lung deceases. According to statistics, every year more then 3 million Americans try to quit smoking. Only half of them succeed. With the help of acupuncture, you have a better chance to succeed. Quitting is not easy, but the good news is that acupuncture has helped many people to fight the smoking habit.

According to Chinese Medicine, when a person is dependent on a substance, we call it addiction. The addict is unable to control his/her desire. Desire belongs to the heart system and to the spirit. Phlegm accumulates and disturbs the mind. These are the emotional damages. There is also the physical damage. Smoking creates heat that damages the Yin (fluids) and the Qi (energy). Acupuncture can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, which are common symptoms associated with quitting. Specific acupoints in the ears and the body are used to balance the nervous system and reduce nicotine and food cravings. Chinese herbs are used to detox and rid off toxins.

Lifestyle changes

Exercising daily is recommended. Exercises such as Yoga and Tai qhi will help you breath deeply and increase body oxygen. It will also strengthen your willpower. We will recommend dietary changes based on the individual, but generally it is good to stay away from sugar and junk food, and always remember to keep positive affirmations in your mind:

I am a non-smoker, and that was my choice!

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