Over the past year, I have embarked on a journey to rid my home of beauty care and cleaning products filled with harsh toxic chemicals. It’s definitely a challenge, a slow process but also super important to me. The majority of beauty products nowadays are filled with toxic chemicals disrupting our endocrine system on a daily basis, leading to undesirable skin issues. I am constantly reading and educating myself on common beauty practices of our generation and I am becoming more aware of how unproductive we are with our overall health. From diet to everything beauty, change is good. This can easily be overwhelming, but you have to start somewhere.


A great place to start is with your bathroom! Women use about 20 beauty products daily on average from body care to hair care to skincare to makeup. Yikes! We all want to feel beautiful and so we read these beauty magazines to get inspiration. I think this is where we are mistaken. We are given false promises and constantly being told to use certain beauty products (that are poisonous by the way) or quick fix products, such as prescription strength retinols.


I can’t believe how many years I was using body exfoliants and lotions filled with chemicals. Never again! So in my bathroom, is where I began my cleanse. Being that I am a skin therapist and that the health of my skin is a big priority in my life, my skincare regimen needed no change. I’m very proud of the products that I feed my skin. But I definitely neglected my body care. So I rid my bathroom of all chemical infested scrubs and lotions as much as I loved the scent and texture of them, and started experimenting with organic (but truly 100% organic) body scrubs, lotions, oils and incorporating essential oils. I also began reading up on natural oral care for healthy teeth and gums. Hair care was next on my list, including hairsprays. Perfumes! Yes we all love perfumes and have our favorites, but perfumes nowadays are filled with toxic chemicals. There are many natural scents and oils that you will fall in love with. I even changed my air freshener (I make my own using essential oils which purify the air, killing odor, not masking it).  Start slow and you will get into a flow.


–  Helping women form healthy skincare habits everyday