From:  TheCut  3/13/18

“Everybody’s usually tight when I first go in,” Danna Omari explains as she leans over me.“Open up.” And then she sticks a latex-wrapped finger in my mouth.

I’m getting a buccal massage, a facial technique that promises to make skin appear lifted and plumper. Omari, an esthetician and the owner of the NOY Skincare in midtown Manhattan, is performing the technique on me. Two sets of her fingers are massaging my skin: one on top of my face, and the other inside my mouth. Omari tells me that requests for this facial have skyrocketed since it was revealed that Meghan Markle gets the treatment.

Omari describes the buccal massage as gym class for your face. Facial massage works because the rapid movements promote blood circulation and stimulate muscle memory, making your skin look perpetually refreshed. Buccal takes this a step further by applying motion from both the outside and the inside — i.e. from within your mouth — doubly triggering skin to appear more youthful. It is particularly helpful at targeting skin issues near your mouth, like nasolabial folds (laugh lines) and jowls.

The buccal massage is the penultimate step in this hour-long “Sculptural Deep Tissue” facial. Omari began the session by gliding an apparatus along my face that looks a lot like the tool parents use to suck boogers out of their baby’s nose. This is the “cupping” phase, where the light suction from the tool promotes lymphatic drainage; in other words, it loosens the accumulation of fluid in your body that can make you look puffy. Unlike Gisele Bündchen’s butt-cupping treatment, this one won’t leave your skin pockmarked with racquetball-sized red circles.

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