Peel Season is here and everyone is getting on board. Benefit peel! Purity peel! Jessner peel! Timeless peel! Peels are truly timeless and this is the season where everyone wants to peel. Now that summer is over, its times to repair the damage from the sun and nurse your skin back to health.

Why Peels?

I am a fan of all methods of exfoliation! I love me some microdermabrasion. But peels are definitely my favorite choice. I believe in being gentle with our skin and working from the inside out. When treating my skin with peels throughout the fall and winter, is truly when I see the biggest difference in the health and appearance of my skin. However, Not every peel is equal and there is a right way to maintain your skin in between receiving peels. That’s what, we as skincare specialists are here for!

While traditional peels destroy healthy tissue to achieve results, Cosmedix non-traumatic peels stimulate healthy change in the skin to create a beautiful, renewed complexion by using only the purest ingredients. Not only are our Peels plant-based, but they are also free of artificial colors and preservatives. Natural, clinical and Corrective, is there a better choice? To choose wisely, you may want to know a thing or two about what makes these peels so unique; Chirality!

What is Chirality?

Chirality refers to the right-handedness and left-handedness of the molecules in our bodies and the ingredients we apply to them. Ingredients that have been chirally corrected have been filtered to contain only molecules that positively interact with the skin. In addition to minimizing the risk of allergic or adverse reactions, studies have shown this process to produce ingredients that are up to FOUR times more concentrated than those in conventional brands. So you are getting the real deal here! All natural beneficial ingredients, working to nurture your skin to health with very little discomfort.

We actually like to call these “treatments” instead of peels because for the majority of them, we send our clients home to sleep with them on. Conventional peels out there are applied for a couple of minutes and then taken off which doesn’t mean its not beneficial but there isn’t optimal penetration of the ingredients, which leads to more dramatic results. Also they are usually formulated with a lot of unnecessary additives. A lot of times those quick 3 to 5 minute peels just strip and shock that upper layer not really working its way and nourishing the deeper layers of the skin. That is why we are in love with Cosmedix Corrective Peels.

Once we assess your skin, we can plan a proper program of a series of peels for your specific condition and get you on a simple maintenance regimen.